Money From Around The World With A Minute Pay​

Send Money

Registered users can send money to any registered or unregistered recipient, and the recipient will be notified by email the money has been transferred to their account.

1. Register Account

At first be a registered user, then login into your account and enter your card or bank details information which is required for you.


2. Select Your Recipient

Enter your recipient’s email address that won’t be shared with others and remains secure, then add an amount with currency to send securely.


3. Send Money

After sending the money, the recipient will be notified by email when the money has been transferred to their account.


Unregistered User

When you send money to an unregistered email address, the recipient will be notified by email and will see the money once they register.

Get paid by customers from all over the world

*The Internet knows no boundaries, and neither should your business. With A Minute Pay, you can accept payments from international customers, wherever they are in the world.
*You can accept payments by international credit card or via Apple Pay, display prices in USD, EUR or GBP and pay in USD, EUR or GBP.
*We also offer local payment options – such as mobile money – which are popular in certain regions of the world.




Easily create your own store and add products. A complete e-commerce with maintainability and efficiency to make an organized store for you.

Event Management

Do not hesitate to compete with a lot of events. A beautiful and easily trackable event management is provided for making your tasks get done easier.

Instant On boarding

Merchants can get payments instantly from anywhere, anytime without any hassle. A simple and better way to expand your business.

Crypto Payment

A powerful solution that allows your customers to make payment using crypto coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

Mobile Recharge

Easily top-up airtime and data at the world's leading mobile operators and makes payments using any of their wallets on the system.


Allow your customers to make payment for bookings or appointments in a quick, easy and secured process that suits them the most.

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