About Us

About Us


At A Minute Pay, we believe everyone should have the freedom to earn, hold, spend, share, and give away their money, regardless of who they are or they come from.

users are at the heart of everything we do. From the beginning, we have made user protection our top priority. That’s why we’ve implemented industry-leading security measures and robust data privacy controls across the entire A Minute Pay ecosystem.

User Friendly

Best Support


Payment API

It will manage customer's A Minute Pay experience by integrating our seamless API interface within your website.

Currency Exchange

Exchange from one currency to another is a very simple & quick way. Cryptocurrency is also supported.

Online Payments

Whether it is credit, debit or bank account you can pay in your preferred channel or method.

Payment Request

By these systems now you can request for payment from one person to another, within seconds.

Start accepting instant payments

A Minute Pay is the fastest and easiest way to start accepting online payments worldwide. From registration to actually receiving payment, it can take less than five minutes. Speak up.

Pricing is simple and clear

There is no entry fee. Zero maintenance costs.
A Minute Pay only Charges a small fee for each successful transaction, which means we only get paid when you do it, and we work hard to ensure that every transaction is successful.

Get paid by customers from all over the world

*The Internet knows no boundaries, and neither should your business. With A Minute Pay, you can accept payments from international customers, wherever they are in the world.
*You can accept payments by international credit card or via Apple Pay, display prices in USD, EUR or GBP and pay in USD, EUR or GBP.
*We also offer local payment options – such as mobile money – which are popular in certain regions of the world.

A beautiful modern payment experience

Give customers confidence in your business by using a beautiful checkout form that enhances your brand.

*No redirects – yes, keep your customers on your own page
*Automatic error resolution – in the rare event that a transaction fails, the A Minute Pay checkout system suggests alternative payment options.

Delight customers to have a seamless checkout experience

Give your customers the gift of modern, smooth and painless payments. integrate A Minute Pay and let your customers pay you however they want.

*Debit or Credit Card
*Bank account

*Pay Apple
*mobile money
*A Minute Pay

Protect yourself and your customers with advanced fraud detection

A Minute Pay’s combination of automated and manual fraud systems protects you from fraudulent transactions and associated refund requests.

*PCI-DSS certification system
*Automated fraud monitoring
*When fraud is detected on any A Minute Pay merchant, A Minute Pay merchant is protected from further attempts.

Understand exactly how your business works

A Minute Pay provides detailed information, notifications and exports, so you and your team are always in sync with your business.

*Super easy communication
*Full stories of successful, abandoned and failed transactions
*Granular user permissions allow you to control what information each member of your team can access

*Automatic Rebate Entry
*A directory of potential customers
*Use customer insights to analyze customer buying behavior

Create a personalized payment experience using a well-documented API

Developers love our comprehensive, well-documented API that lets you create everything from simple weekend programs to powerful financial products serving hundreds of thousands of customers. If you can imagine it, you can build it with A Minute Pay.

*Collect one-time and recurring payments through your app or website
*Make instant transfers
*Back up all your business and customer data

Get attentive and compassionate help 24/7

Our customer success team is available around the clock to assist you and can resolve issues as soon as possible.

Have a great business success rate

We pay automatically through the best channels, ensuring the highest transaction success rate in the market.

Automatic Withdrawal

Receive your money automatically in your bank account or Paypal account within a minute. 

A Minute Pay is interested in your taste

Best of all, 1,000+ businesses love A Minute Pay because we’re the team that wants to grow your business. The A Minute Pay service is to help businesses around the world be profitable, envied and loved, and everything we do – from the features we create to the way we pay, is the same. Do it with a purpose: make your business successful.




Easily create your own store and add products. A complete e-commerce with maintainability and efficiency to make an organized store for you.

Event Management

Do not hesitate to compete with a lot of events. A beautiful and easily trackable event management is provided for making your tasks get done easier.

Instant On boarding

Merchants can get payments instantly from anywhere, anytime without any hassle. A simple and better way to expand your business.

Crypto Payment

A powerful solution that allows your customers to make payment using crypto coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

Mobile Recharge

Easily top-up airtime and data at the world's leading mobile operators and makes payments using any of their wallets on the system.


Allow your customers to make payment for bookings or appointments in a quick, easy and secured process that suits them the most.



Send, receive, deposit, request, invest and exchange money globally in multiple currencies easily, quickly and safely with great rates and low fees.



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